Jan, 14 Posted by Stefy

Stella finally opened her own blog. The blog is called “A tête-à-tête“. Stella already posted some new post on it so make sure to go and check it out. Here below you can read a few words.

A tête-à-tête is a blog devoted to provoke inspiration on all things A-Z.
The name tête-à-tête (pronounced tet uh tet) came about when learning it meant a private conversation between two people. It’s also french so granted I fell for it immediately. I loved the idea of a place where I could share my opinions & you could share them right back to me! It also being quite ironic that my close friends & family members call me Tete. I wanted to have a place to share helpful tips and tricks on things from beauty products to outfits for whatever occasion. I also wanted to have a platform to have a more intimate relationship with my following. Writing has always been a favorite hobby of mine so combining writing & a relationship to my followers felt like it was only right! (about time if you ask me…)
I spend so much time on instagram focusing on skin issues, diets & outfits so this blog is a place for me to fully elaborate on those topics. I know first hand it is sometimes difficult to feel put together or inspired so this blog is dedicated to sharing my two cents to hopefully improve/expand techniques for feeling like a semi put together human.
I hope you enjoy and get lost in this space.
xx, Stella

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