Summer break
Jun, 8 Posted by Stefy

As every year I’m taking a little summer break since I’m going to the seaside and I will be without the net or wi-fi and this means that I won’t be able to update the site and gallery. I will update everything when I come back in July.

Stella’s collection
May, 2 Posted by Stefy

Exciting news today! Stella just confirmed on instagram that she will launch her very first collection this month. For this project she teamed up with Boohoo.

The summer capsule will include between 40 and 60 pieces, spanning ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories ranging from sizes 4 to 12. Inspired by Hudgens’ style, the collection includes beachwear, festival ensembles and evening looks. Highlights include crocheted styles, embellished denim, gingham looks and swimwear.
Accessories were designed to complement the apparel offerings and include retro sunglasses, festival bags, fanny packs and backpacks.
Retail prices range from $12 to $66.
Hudgens will be the model for the summer campaign, which was lensed by Daria Kobayashi Ritch and styled by Sean Knight at an estate in West Hollywood, Calif.
“Designing my very own collection with has been an incredible opportunity,” said the 21-year-old Hudgens. “I’m a personal fan of, so it was a fun creative process in a very collaborative environment.” She called her style “comfy chic,” and said she’s always striving “to be comfortable but still put together some way.” She said she gave input into both the colors and designs she wanted.
Natalie McGrath, vice president of marketing at, said, “At, we are continuing our commitment to providing on-trend fashion at a very affordable price point, while energizing our brand with industry influencers that align with our target audience.”
The x Stella Hudgens collection will be available exclusively on and launches the week of May 22. (WWD)

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

Happy birthday Stella!
Nov, 13 Posted by Stefy

Happy 21st birthday Stella! All your fans want to wish you a happy birthday full of joy, fun, laugh and so much more. We all hope that you have fun today and that you spend your day with those who care about you, your friends and family and might all your dreams come true.
Let’s show to Stella all our love and let’s wish her a happy birthday!


Personal photos
Jul, 19 Posted by Stefy

I’ve added some personal photos in the past few days so make sure to check them out in the gallery. It also looks like Stella is back on instagram!
Stella with her sister Vanessa have partnered up with My Little Pony for International Day of Friendship on July 30th. The brand is igniting a global social movement that empowers consumers to celebrate the magic of friendship through random acts, encouraging others to “friend it forward” and invites fans to join them at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con to make an official pledge at Hasbro booth #3213. Vanessa and Stella will be teaming up with My Little Pony to help celebrate the magic of friendship and will be performing acts of friendship in their own communities and inspiring others to “friend it forward.”

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

Summer break
Jun, 9 Posted by Stefy

Yes, I’m taking a little break, a summer one! Like every year, basically, I’m going to the seaside for about 2-3 weeks. Unluckly I won’t be able to use the net which it means no updates, but don’t worry! I will update the site as soon as I come back. Enjoy your days.

Partening with Aerie
Apr, 29 Posted by Stefy

Stella and Vanessa are partening with Aerie to share AerieREAL swim pics and raise money for NEDA, this was the reason for the trip to Miami and the little pool photoshoot that the sisters did early this month. So now it your turn! Do something good today and do the same thing!

Goodbye Greg
Jan, 31 Posted by Stefy

This breaks my heart: last night Greg, Stella and Vanessa’s dad, passed away from stage 4 cancer; Vanessa said that tonight she will do the show in his honor. The Hudgens family is in my prayers. Stella yesterday posted a little photo about her dad:

“that’s my dad when he used to be a fire fighter. crazzyyy.”

16 and missing
Oct, 23 Posted by Stefy

“16 and missing” will premiere tomorrow (24th October) on Lifetime at 8.00pm. If you’re lucky enough to live in the USA (I’m not this lucky!) be sure to watch it! I will update the site with the new photos as soon as possible so keep on checking!

Instagram pictures
Sep, 26 Posted by Stefy

Stella isn’t so active on social media right now, but I’ve added the latest photos that she posted on instagram and twitter and I’ve also uploaded some new personal photos to the gallery. August is gone and we still don’t have any news about “Mr Hollywood”, but the movie “Online predator” changed the title into “16 and missing” and Stella will play Janelle, but also in this case there aren’t a lot of informations, let’s cross our fingers to have more photos or clips soon.

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

Teen Vogue interview
Aug, 6 Posted by Stefy

Stella recently did a new interview for Teen Vogue. Also Stella, Noah and Alli will be on ET again to promote their new Mudd campaign. I will add some new photos later or tomorrow, for the moment read the interview from Teen Vogue here below.

When you grow up in a famous family, it can be hard to carve out a lane for yourself, especially when you happen to be the spitting image of your older celeb sis. Not for Stella Hudgens. The 19-year-old actress is, of course, little sis to Vanessa, but she’s also making a name for herself in Hollywood and beyond. Remember the Mudd campaign that launched earlier this year? Stella and some other famous sibs (Noah Cyrus and Alli Simpson, to be exact) showed the world that they, too, have what it takes to be in the spotlight. And she killed it. We caught up with the rising star at the JustFab House in Malibu to talk purple hair, personal style and her ultimate #goals. Get to know the newest Hudgens on the block.
Teen Vogue: How would you describe your style?
Stella Hugdens: Whenever I step into my closet, I ask myself, “Who do I want to be today?” And then I take it from there. My style is just a representation of my different moods.
TV: What is your go-to daytime beauty look? How do you change it up for night?
SH: I really enjoy wearing dresses, whether it’s a maxi or a short slip on. I figure you can’t go wrong with a dress. For nighttime looks, I usually just do jeans, boots and a crop top with a blazer.
TV: How did you develop your own personal style?
SH: Movies really shaped my style. I watched Sex and the City a lot growing up, so Carrie Bradshaw had a major impact on me. I’m also very observant — so I just take in all of the different types of people and their style choices.
TV: Would you ever experiment with a daring beauty look?
SH: I love experimenting with different looks. I personally don’t think I can pull off colored hair, so maybe I’d go out of my comfort zone and see what I’d look like with a purple dye job.
TV: What is your favorite feature to play up beauty-wise?
SH: I spend a lot of time on eyeshadow and eyeliner. I also really enjoy wearing eyelashes.
TV: Do you have any favorite makeup brands or products?
SH: I’m not picky when it comes to my makeup. I usually just got into Sephora and spend hours there. I leave with my hands covered in different shades of lipstick and eyeliner.
TV: What are you working on right now? What’s your ultimate acting goal?
SH: My ultimate goal is incorporating my dancing with my acting. I love being creative in all aspects of life, so I generally gear my energy towards all creative art forms.
TV: Who is your biggest role model and why?
SH: Anyone who gets out of bed and tries to make a difference for the better, whether it’s for themselves or humanity in general. I look up to my mother above anyone, though. She’s such a strong woman, and I’m so grateful to be her daughter.
TV: Did you ever have an awkward period? How did you overcome it?
SH: I had braces for a few months and that actually led me to stop smiling with my teeth, which I still don’t do. I do believe that inner beauty conquers all, though. Someone could be so externally attractive, but if their personality isn’t beautiful, then I won’t look at their physical self the same way.
TV: Do you have a signature scent?
SH: I love Tom Ford and Chanel.
TV: What’s your favorite thing to do during your free time?
SH: I love to paint and write. I also love to watch movies and hang with my loved ones. Family time is the best time. Also: Disneyland.

Teen Vogue

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