New layout
Sep, 15 Posted by Stefy

As you can all see I’ve changed the layout, I like this version more than all the others, I really hope you like it too. I will soon add more informations about a new birthday project so stay turned, more news should come out today or tomorrow.

New layout
Aug, 3 Posted by Stefy

As you can all see I’ve finally changed the layout. For this one I used some photos from 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. I hope you all like the new layout, let me know what do you think about it and stay turned for more news and pics!

Summer break
Jun, 13 Posted by Stefy

Yes, I’m taking a little break, a summer one! I’m going to the seaside for about 2-3 weeks. Unluckly I won’t be able to use the net which it means no updates, but don’t worry! I will update the site as soon as I come back. Enjoy your days.

Important news
Feb, 19 Posted by Stefy

This news is not related with Stella, my laptop is broken at the moment, while people are doing their best to fix it I won’t be able to use it. I’ll try to update the site from others computers but I can’t promise anything so sorry me if the site won’t be perfectly updated in the next few days. I don’t know when I get back my laptop but when it happens I’ll delete this post, for the moment they just told me that until monday I won’t have it for sure. I’m really sorry, I hope you understand my situation.

Welcome to Stella Hudgens Daily
Feb, 17 Posted by Stefy

Welcome to Stella Hudgens Daily, your first resource dedicated to the wonderful Stella Hudgens. Here you will find news, photos, videos and so much more about Stella. A lot of you followed this site in the past, but it was best known as “Hollywood’s stars” and after several problems with my hosting the site is finally back as a site dedicated to only one star. If you’d like to help this site growing you can by sending me some pics that are missing in the gallery or media’s stuff or news, you can also help us by telling everyone about this site. I hope you will enjoy your time here and Stella Hudgens Daily is looking for affiliates so give a look to the link us page!