Mudd photoshoot
Jan, 15 Posted by Stefy

More photos from Stella’s Mudd photoshoot are coming out and also a lot of photos from behind the scenes (credits for some photos go to JustJaredJr). Thanks to this project are coming out also some interview, one of this is the one that the girls did for “People”:
Was this your first modeling experience? What surprised you?
Stella: This is my first time doing anything, really, for modeling. I didn’t know I would have this much fun — it doesn’t feel like work! I want to be doing this for a while.
Any tips from your siblings on how to pose? What have they taught you about life in the spotlight?
Stella: Vanessa has taught me that my style really represents who I am sometimes, so depending what mood I’m in, that will show. If I’m feeling confident, I’ll wear heels and a dress. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll wear sweatpants. Vanessa really taught me how to be myself and not keep up with trends. I like to go and do my own thing. And I don’t like to keep up with what everyone else is doing. She’s always been very experimental and always starting her new trend. So I kind of take after her on that.
What’s your personal style?
Stella: Mixing it up!
What did you want to take home from the shoot?
Stella: If I could take home one item today it would be a pair of wide legged blue and white pants I wore for one of the set ups. They were extremely comfortable and so cute. Alli put them on and I was like “Oh, I love those!”
To read the whole interview go here

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