I’ve added some new sets to the media archive. You can go and see them, take and use them if you like them and credit the site. Remember that you can send in your own creation, to find out more give a look to the media page. I hope you like the new additions, let me know what do you think about them!

I also have some news about “Mr Hollywood”, the first pilot was shoot in the end of January and if you are interested you can see some pics and short clips by looking at producer Jeff Lam’s instagram (angryasianguy), unluckly Stella doesn’t appear so we have to wait for some photos and clips, but the fact that a pilot is already here is a great news! I’ll post more about it when I find out something more.

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Out and about in Studio City
Feb, 22 Posted by Stefy

Stella was spotted while she was out and about in Studio City with her sister Vanessa (February 20). The new pics are now in the gallery, I’ve also added some personal photos, a baby pic, images from instagram and a photo back from Halloween.

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

High School Musical screencaptures
Feb, 19 Posted by Stefy

As some of you know Stella joined her sister Vanessa on the screen in High School Musical. I’ve added the screencaptures to the gallery, for those who can’t see Stella in the first scene she’s the girl in the background with a white hat, in the second one is the girl that is wearing a kind of pj! I’ve also added some photos from an old event, I honestly don’t know what event was and I think it took place in 2006 but I’m not sure so if you know the event and the date let me know! I’ve also added another unknown photoshoot back from 2006 but also in this case I’m not 100% sure about the year. You can see all the new pics in the gallery.

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

Important news
Feb, 19 Posted by Stefy

This news is not related with Stella, my laptop is broken at the moment, while people are doing their best to fix it I won’t be able to use it. I’ll try to update the site from others computers but I can’t promise anything so sorry me if the site won’t be perfectly updated in the next few days. I don’t know when I get back my laptop but when it happens I’ll delete this post, for the moment they just told me that until monday I won’t have it for sure. I’m really sorry, I hope you understand my situation.

Personal photos and photoshoot
Feb, 18 Posted by Stefy

Stella is haing a good time with Alec in these days and some new personal photos came out, I’ve added the new pics in the gallery, I’ve also added some HQ photos from Vanessa’s 25th birthday photoshoot so go and check them out!

Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens Stella Hudgens

Great news for Stella and all her fans! The girl has joined “Mr Hollywood” cast. “Mr Hollywood” is a tv series that should be relased next year (2015), Stella will play Everlast. For the moment there aren’t a lot of news about it but you can find some tweets about it and you can check out “Mr Hollywood” IMDb’s page here. Let’s cross our fingers for this project and I really hope to find more about it and see some photos soon.

Welcome to Stella Hudgens Daily
Feb, 17 Posted by Stefy

Welcome to Stella Hudgens Daily, your first resource dedicated to the wonderful Stella Hudgens. Here you will find news, photos, videos and so much more about Stella. A lot of you followed this site in the past, but it was best known as “Hollywood’s stars” and after several problems with my hosting the site is finally back as a site dedicated to only one star. If you’d like to help this site growing you can by sending me some pics that are missing in the gallery or media’s stuff or news, you can also help us by telling everyone about this site. I hope you will enjoy your time here and Stella Hudgens Daily is looking for affiliates so give a look to the link us page!

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