19th birthday (2014)

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Hi Stella,
Happy birthday! I hope it’s gonna be amazing and that you celebrate with all of your loved ones. Stella, you obviously don’t know me, but you mean so much to me. You’re my inspiration, my role model and bonus sister. You might not be aware of it, but you have helped me through a lot. Both you and Vanessa, so thank you. Thank you for being your own, thank you for being so inspirational, and thank you, simply, for existing. Mahal kita <3 xo, Denise (@shutupDenise on Twitter) Johanna
Hi Stella, I wish you a happy birthday im so happy to say that I saw you grow up and become a great young women stay who you are.
Love from France 🙂

Happy birthday Stella!!! I can’t believe it, it looks like yesterday that you were so little, that little girl that was making everyone smile and now look at you! You are an incredible strong woman, with one of the biggest heart of this planet. I wish you all the best because, also if you don’t know me, I love you and care about you, all your fans do it. I hope you will always be that girl with that smile that won’t let anyone let her down because you deserve happiness. Happy 19th birthday Stella.

Stella, let me tell you that: stop growing up so fast! I can’t beleive it that today you’re turning 19… This is what you celebrate today: 19 years of pure craziness, love, fun and sweet. I really hope that you will have fun on this special day and enjoy your time with you friends and family, with all those people who love you and let me say that a lot of eople love you! I wish all the best for you.
With love from France

Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful woman of the world: Stella! You are turning 19 this year and I still can’t beleive it, I mean it looks like yesterday that you were so little! Anyway I wish you all the best, you are a strong, amazing, incredible woman and I hope that you won’t change

Happy birthday Stella, I am a big fan of you and I really can’t believe that you are turnin 19 today. I wish you all the best things of this world and a great big happy birthday party full of love, friends, fun and also presents! Happy birthday Stella.

Happy incredible, wonderful and amazing birthday Stella!!!
I don’t know you in person but I love you anyway because you look like a sweet, lovely, talented, incredible girl and I’m sure that you really are like that. What else can I say… Just happy birthday, have fun.

Stella, I know you don’t know me but I am a big fan of you, I live in Italy so I never had the cance to meet you, but you are a role model to me. You try always so hard to success in things and I admire you for this. I want to wish you happy birthday, might this one be a special one. I hope to meet you someday. Never change because you are amazing just like you are right now.
With love from Italy