Name: Stella Teodora Hudgens
Birthday: 13th November, 1995
Birthplace: Ocean Beach, California, USA
Living in: LA, California, USA
Parents: Greg and Gina Hudgens
Siblings: Older sister, Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown

Stella’s best-friend since forever is Sammi Hanratty.
Stella did ballet for years.
Stella used to have braces.
Stella can write with both of her hands.
Stella has a skill for photography.
Stella loves dogs, she has 6 dogs.
Stella loves to go on her sister’s movie set to support her.
Stella attended normal middle school but the she was homeschooled during her high school years.
Stella works at Brandy Melville in Studio City.
Stella was one of the first to be a MSFTS, she’s not into it anymore.
Stella partly looks up to and depends on her sister Vanessa.
Stella has twitter,instagram,tumblr and facebook.

Favorite movie: Return to Oz
Favorite color:Lime green
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite shoes: Cowboy boots