Name: Stella Teodora Hudgens
Date of Birth: November 13th 1995
Lives: Los Angeles, USA
Nationality: Irish and Native American from her father, Filipino,Chinese and Spanish from her mother
On 13th November 1995 Greg and Gina Hudgens gave birth to a beautiful little star named Stella Teodora Hudgens . Stella started her acting career when she was only a 7 years girl with her first role as Young Dora in “American Family”. Some years later Stella took part as Annie in an episode of “According to Jim” but the very first movie in which she took part was “The memory thief” as Amanda, Stella had just a few scenes but she give the world an idea of her talent, always in 2007 Stella took part in “Deeply irresponsible”. A lot of people know her because of her older sister Vanessa Hudgens, the sweet Gabriella from High School Musical movies. Stella spent a lot of time on set with her sister and this gave her the possibility to be in a scene in “High School Musical” but Stella is always in the background and it’s hard to see her. Stella’s career was on the way to change with her role as Teri Jo in “Single with parents” but then ABC took down the project after a trailer came out. After that Stella didn’t work on her acting career because she wanted to focus on school, she got a job at Brandy Melville shop in Studio City where she is actualy working. Stella was also in some music video like “Say ok” and “Come back to me” by her older sister Vanessa Hudgens, “Pumped Up Kicks Like Me” by Jaden Smith that at that time was rumored to be her boyfriend (no one of them ever officially confirmed it). In the same period Stella was in the MSFTS, but after her break-up with Jaden she took out herself from it. Stella graduated from high school in 2013 and now she’s working really hard on her career, Stella is taking acting lessons and she’s been casted in a new tv serie called “Mr Hollywood” and, who knows, probably the world will soon know her as Stella Hudgens because of her talent and not as Vanessa’s little sister.